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Club Events in Pictures 2010-2011

The photo reportages from the Princeton Photography Club events are presented on this page. Link to the Club Events 2010-2011. Link to the Club Events 2011-2012. Link to the Club Events 2012-2013.

WHEN, WHERE, WHAT: Events in 2010-2011:

Last Meeting of the Season 2010-2011. Photos by Jerry Gerber.

Your Old Is My New
June 8th marked the closing meeting of our 2010-2011 season.
A crowd of very nice people braved triple-digit temperatures and threats of
tornado-spewing storms to participate in our now traditional annual Swap and Buy meeting.
The spirit was fun and social, encouraged by ample wine, cheese, and fruit, plus a Princeton-Photo-Club "Cake" made of 120 cupcakes.

PMPE reception, June 4, 2011. Photos by Bob Levine.


May 11, 2011 Meeting. Photos by Bob Levine.

Pictures taken by the club members on May 14,2011 at the walk through the Hamilton-Trenton-Bordentown Marsh:

Pictures from the trip taken by Bob Levine:



April 14,2011 - Opening at Silva gallery, Pennington, NJ. Photos by Bob Levine.




April 13,2011 - General Meeting. Photos by Bob Levine.



April 10,2011 - Art Way Gallery Opening, Princeton Alliance Church

Annually Exhibit of Princeton Photography Club Members.
Speakers: Charles Anselmo, Walter Varan, Allan Kesselhaut, Ricardo Barros. Photos by Bob Levine.


March 9, 2011 - Our speaker was James Bleecker,the Manhattan-based photographer.
Photos by Bob Levine





February 9, 2011. Interclub Travel Competition held by NJ Federation of Camera Clubs. Photos by Bob Levine.




January 30, 2011. Pictures from the opening of the Photography 30 Exhibit at Perkin's Center for the Arts, Moorestown, NJ.
Pictures taken by Bob Levine, Carl Geisler, Ilya Genin, Olga Sergyeyeva.

Rick Wright, The Juror

And the award is going to...







                         Thanks to Carl and Sheila for the after-the-opening celebration! Those flowers were such a nice touch!

January 22, 2011. Pictures from the opening of the Ground for Sculpture Exhibit and of the club party after the opening.
Pictures taken by Valerie Chaucer-Levine and Bob Levine.







January 12, 2011 Meeting. Speaker: Frank Veronsky: "A Career as a Picture Maker, not a Picture Taker"

   Images Copyright Frank Veronsky

Photograped by Bob Levine.

January 4, 2011. Pictures from the workshop "Bringing Photography, Painting, and Drawing Together" with Ernestine Ruben.
Photographed by Tasha O'Neill.

December 8, 2010 Meeting. Speaker: Ricardo Barros.



Images Copyright Ricardo Barros

Photos taken by Bob Levine and Jerry Gerber.

November 13, 2010 Meeting. Speaker: Andres Zervigon, Assistant Professor of Photography in the Department of Art History at Rutgers.

Photos by Robert Levine.

October 13, 2010 Meeting. Speaker Ken Kaplowitz,"Stories I Never Told My Mother”.

Through a series of images Ken lead us through the themes of love, loss, family and relationships to show how emotions can effect a photographer’s imagery. From left to right: Ken Kaplowitz, Lionel Goodman, Carl Geisler, Sheila Geisler. Photos by Bob Levine.


Princeton Photoclub Members at the Princeton Art Museum - Starburst Exhibit with Kevin Moore, Sept.25, 2010.

Photos by Bob Levine.

Photo Club Trip to the Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York. May 1st, 2010.

Photo by Maia Reim.