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Igor Svibilsky

As an artist Igor started his journey from photography but soon he realized that a camera is not capable of reflecting all the feelings he experienced at the time of seeing the scene. Over the time his work was transformed to a new form representing a combination of photography and traditional 2D art. Armed with digital brushes Igor paints for hours creating the artwork that speaks to the viewer and demands an emotional response.

Igor's enigmatic landscape images are beautifully rendered, alluring, and seductive in their subtle sophistication. His special treatment of each image sets a comforting mood and gives the viewer a sense of connecting with the earth in a physical and natural way, of cataloguing the passage of time.

Igor is truly a master of emotion in his works. He creates a sense of peace and tranquility, takes the viewer's mind to places of haunting mystery for a romantic walk, and yet leaves enough space for the viewer's imagination.

Igor's thoughtful compositions are very pleasant and relaxing. His use of a warm, sepia color enhances the enduring, traditional appeal of the images.

Igor was born and raised in Ukraine. He moved to the US in 1998. He lives in Lawrenceville, NJ with his wife Olga (link), who supports him in all his photographic endeavors.

More of Igor's work can be seent at:


On-line Art Community Renderosity - Igor's Gallery

Contact e-mail: igor@photographyforever.com