Olga Photo
Olga Svibilsky/Sergyeyeva

I truly believe in a power of photography to preserve precious moments... Life is full of beautiful things that can be witnessed by simply opening your eyes.

My work represents my artistic vision, not necessarily reflecting the reality. I love subjects whose existence is transitory, where there is no possibility of returning for a re-shoot - foggy mornings, running water, fall colors.

I see the world through 'color' lenses even on the gray, rainy autumn day, that's why my images have saturated and deep colors, enhanced texture and details. To achieve a painting-like effect I post-process my photographs in a digital dark room.

I'm lucky because I share my passion for photography with my husband Igor (link). We are always taking pictures together, but it doesn't mean our photographs are similar - they look totally different due to differences in personal vision.

This web site has been designed by me, and I'm also the Web site administrator.

To see more of Olga's work go to her WEB-site:

http://www.photographyforever.com - joint with Igor web site.

Contact e-mail: olga@photographyforever.com