Tasha Photo
Tasha O'Neill

My passion with photography started in 1997. My first love was photographing close-ups of flowers and butterflies.
Now, I coax interest out of everyday objects. I look for moments of juxtaposition, of hard and soft, fire and ice. I catch shadows, reflections in water, buildings within other buildings, 'distortions' seen through liquid or glass.

I used film for many years, but when the first digital Canon SLR came out I was hooked. It became my partner in creativity and gave me instant feedback. The Canon and the computer led to new experimentation.

While I now edit both through the lens and on the screen, my artistic emphasis remains focused on pivotal moments before releasing the shutter.

Other examples of my work may be seen at my personal Web site: http://www.tashaphotography.com.
I can be reached at tasha@tashaphotography.com