Workshop Description
Imagine creating photographs from an Art and Design perspective. The workshop will begin with a visual presentation which will include the creative principles of photography made by the Masters and by “Up & Coming” photographers who have applied inventive approaches to their image making. Topics such as framing, composition, symmetry/asymmetry, balance, dynamic/static, curved/ straight sight lines, high/low contrast, color theory, and visual impact will be explored.
Secondly, we will briefly review the most important camera controls; the Shutter Speed, Lens Aperture Opening and the Sensor ISO Speed settings ( A.K.A. Exposure Triangle), White Balance and Depth of Field.
Photographers will then be assigned a number of “in-workshop” photo projects to explore the artistic possibilities covered in the presentation, and review them in-camera.
NOTE: Please bring:  Camera, Batteries (fully charged), Memory Card 16gb (I recommend enough memory to shoot in JPG+RAW mode), Tripod (recommended - optional)
About the Instructor
Christina Stadelmeier approaches her color photography from a fine art perspective. She “paints with the light and color”. Her images have been shown in art galleries, colleges and universities in the U.S. since the late 1970’s. Her work is in the Corporate Collection of Novo Nordisk and in the permanent collection of the Mercer County Heritage and Cultural Commission and in private collections in New York, Chicago, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
Ms. Stadelmeier has taught Digital Photography courses at the Paul Robeson Center for the Arts for over 10 years; to both Adults and Teens/Tweens. She has presented Photoshop demo's at the Princeton Public Library Tech Center for the past two years. Chris taught analog Photography at The University of Chicago as an Assistant Professor of Fine Art for six years and at Swarthmore College as a Guest Lecturer. She also works with private clients teaching Digital Camera and Camera RAW/Photoshop editing techniques.
She has earned a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Painting from City University of N.Y. and a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Painting; with studies in Sculpture and Printmaking from Philadelphia College of Art (now: The University of the Arts).
Thank you!