Please note that this workshop will be conducted via video conferencing.
Workshop Description
“There are no rules for good photographs, only good photographs.” — Ansel Adams
"Composition is the strongest way of seeing." — Edward Weston
"I don't know what good composition is... Sometimes for me composition has to do with a certain brightness or a certain coming to restness and other times it has to do with funny mistakes." —Diane Arbus
"My theory of composition? Simple: do not release the shutter until everything in the viewfinder feels just right." — Ernst Haas
"I love the complicated logic of a perfect composition. It is not just the shapes and lines that make one travel through a painting. It’s the placement of the strongest colors, the sharpest lines, and the dominant shapes." – Kathryn Stats
“This recognition, in real life, of a rhythm of surfaces, lines, and values is for me the essence of photography; composition should be a constant preoccupation, being a simultaneous coalition — an organic coordination of visual elements.” — Henri Cartier-Bresson
The topic of composition in photography certainly elicits highly disparate and passionate views... sometimes within the same person!  And while making photos by following rules is nobody's idea of having fun with photography, understanding how the human eye views a 3-dimensional scene, or a 2-dimensional image, can lead to an extremely useful set of tools for composing and editing your photos.
This course focuses on 10 important composition tools for photographers.  You will learn how and when to apply these tools in your photos.  You will also learn the theory behind why each of these tools work so well, and how you can use this learning to guide the way the viewer's eye travels through your image.
About the Instructor
Dave’s lifelong love of nature sparked his passion for photography, and he is grateful to be a full-time photographic artist and teacher.  In his classes and workshops, Dave emphasizes the craftsmanship of photography, the artistic principles of design and composition, and the students’ personal creative process.  In his own photography, Dave strives to create images that express the wonder and beauty that surround us each day as we make our way through the world.  By doing so, he hopes to inspire others to deepen their connection with nature and more fully appreciate their local environment.​​​​​​​
Thank you!