Workshop Description
A digital camera sensor can reveal infrared light which is invisible to the human eye. Infrared photos are very distinct which cannot easily be achieved with photography in visible light. This workshop will teach you about infrared filter techniques, infrared and full spectrum camera conversions, and different applications for infrared photography. Also covered in this workshop will be how to post-process infrared RAW files into false color or black and white photos in a fast and efficient way.
About the Instructor
Martin started with photography after inheriting his first film SLR camera (Canon FTb) which he still owns.  In 2002, Martin upgraded to digital photography and specialized in specific areas of Fine Art Photography including micro/macro, infrared, and B&W photography.  He is a passionate architecture, nature and landscape photographer.  Additionally, Martin enjoys teaching in selected topics of photography.  As a person with a scientific background, Martin combines technical and creative aspects in his photography.
Thank you!