Workshop Description
Fine art prints are the yardstick by which critics measure our craft. The only way to truly judge the quality of an image is through the creativity and effort that generates a fine art print. They are permanent and can stop people in their tracks.
Let me share with you practical considerations over a range of topics that I have learned over both common and difficult printing issues. Color management. How your eyes and brain might not be seeing what you think you are looking at on your monitor. How to choose the right fine art papers. What’s wrong with my printer? And what do you need to worry about to develop a non-destructive image editing and printing workflow to preserve image quality from start to finish and print what you envisioned.
This workshop will include three sessions as follows:
Session 1: Common Printing Issues & Practical Considerations
Session 2: Visual Perception vs. Reality & How To Choose A Fine Art Paper
Session 3: Getting Your Vision Onto Paper With The Right Image Editing Adjustments
Plan on thoughtful and open discussions with plenty of opportunities to ask questions. Feel free to bring samples of your work to share and get critical feedback that might also be of interest to other workshop participants.
About the Instructor
Peter was a molecular diagnostics development scientist for many years before turning his full attention to becoming a photographic artist around eight years ago.
The skills that he has a scientist have helped him to appreciate that creative thinking always begins with a foundation of knowledge, learning a discipline, and mastering a way of thinking. Peter especially enjoys printing his images because as John Sexton has so beautifully stated: “… It’s the magic that can be exciting, disappointing, rewarding, and frustrating all in the same few moments …”
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