Workshop Description
This course provides a detailed introduction to Adobe Photoshop, a powerful and complete tool used by photographers and graphic designers. The intended audience includes photographers who are proficient with using a computer (Windows or Mac), but have no or very limited knowledge of Photoshop.  Through hand-on exercises you will learn how to edit and enhance your photos and, if needed, transform them to meet your artistic vision.
Some of the included topics are:
     • Opening and saving images in different formats (jpg, tiff, raw, psd), cropping, working with selections
     • Adjustments (brightness, contrast, saturation, etc)
     • Various cloning techniques
     • Transformations (scale, distort, perspective, etc)
     • Filters
     • Layers and masks
     • ​​​​​​​Advanced transformation tools (puppet warp, content-aware fill), creating composites
The presentation will be done on a Windows computer, but is equally accessible to Mac users.  Students should bring a laptop computer loaded with a relatively fresh version of Adobe Photoshop (not older than CS5).  The preferred version is Photoshop CC.
About the Instructor
Samuel Vovsi is a fine art photographer, whose interests include travel photography, landscapes and nature, people and street photography, cities and architecture. During the last 15 years he made a transition from film to digital photography and now spends a lot of time and energy post-processing his images with advanced photo editing tools, including Adobe Photoshop. His works were purchased for a number of private collections, were published in various newspapers, magazines and books, and won awards at numerous juried shows and competitions, both domestic and international.
Samuel Vovsi has Ph.D in mathematics and has more than 25 years of teaching experience on college level. Having left academia several years ago, he is now fully concentrated on photography and digital image editing, and loves transferring this knowledge to students of all ages and skill levels.
Thank you!