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Skill Share is a new way for PPC Members & Friends to further advance their skills in photography and related visual arts.  The idea is simple:  offer your expertise free of charge to others who want to learn a new skill, or seek help from others as you learn a new skill.  Think of it as an electronic bulletin board for sharing photography skills.  PPC will moderate the “Skills Offered" and “Skills Sought" listings, but the connection will be made directly between the individuals offering and seeking skills.  It will be up to the two individuals to decide when, where, and how to conduct the training.  For example, you may decide to meet via Zoom or Skype.
Do you have a skill that you'd be happy to share...or one that you're trying to build?
Use the contact button just above to email our moderator, David Cheney, with information to be posted in the “Skills Offered" or “Skills Sought" sections below.   Please be sure to indicate whether you are offering or seeking a skill and include:
1.  A title and brief description of the skill (e.g., street photography, fine art painting, Lightroom, Photoshop, etc.).  Be as specific as possible.  Please include your estimate of the level of skill offered or sought, such as “beginner” "intermediate" or “advanced.”  In some instances, it may also be helpful to include subject matter (e.g., nature, people, architecture, etc.).
2.  Your contact information, specifically your email and phone number.  If you have limited availability, please include times when you are generally available (e.g., "weekend mornings,” "Tuesday evening before 9 pm,” etc.)
3.  Any additional information that you think would be helpful (this is optional).
New listings will appear at the top of the list, and listings will be removed at the request of the owner.  To remove your listing, please email our moderator using the same email button above and include a copy of the listing(s) to be removed.
Skills Offered
Offering Skills in Abstract Photography:  I have utilized a variety of techniques to produce abstract images over the past several years which I am willing to share and explain.  Methods and software includes in-camera, Lightroom, Photoshop, NIK, and the cellphone apps RollWorld and TinyPlanet.  David Anderson, 609-658-8551,  Posted 6/25/2020
Offering Skills in Advanced Photoshop:  I enjoy sharing my experience with layers, adjustments, filters, selections, printing, etc.  Prerequisite is basic comfort using Photoshop.  Schedule is flexible.  David Cheney, 650-810-6562,  Posted 6/18/2020
Offering Skills in Manual Mode Photography and RAW Image Processing:  I have a flexible schedule and am ready to discuss what you are looking for and to help if I can. David Cheney, 650-810-6562,  Posted 6/18/2020
Skills Sought 
Seeking Skills in using the Panasonic G7:  I am looking for basic help setting up and using the camera - YouTube videos help but I would pick it up faster one-on-one.  Is there a simpler way of transfering images from the camera to a smartphone than using the Image App? Am I using the right smart card?  Rita Cleary, cell 609-558-0628,  Posted 11/16/2020.
Seeking Skills in Reading and Representing Depth and Volume:  I am an experienced photographer who is experimenting with painting (digitally) on images.  I'm looking for in-depth feedback as I seek to amplify the representation of depth and volume.  If you are a fan of chiaroscuro or similar techniques and are willing to discuss a work or two with me, I'd enjoy your perspective.  I am retired and can review on your schedule.  I look forward to your email or call.  David Cheney, 650-810-6562,  Posted 6/18/2020
Seeking Skills in Large Format Photography:  I have a converted Polaroid 110A that I would like to learn to use. Ideally, I’m hoping for a few in-person lessons over the course of a couple of weekends.  Thank you!  Kate Pollack, cell 609-915-4534,  Posted 9/23/2020.