Workshop Description
This course introduces the key features of Adobe’s popular and powerful photo editing program, Lightroom Classic CC. Through hands-on exercises, you will learn to import and review and your photos; adjust, correct, and enhance them; and organize your photo library.
Some of the topics covered include:
     • Importing, reviewing and rating photos
     • Organizing your photo library - working with Catalogs, Folders and Collections
     • Basic photo editing (white balance, exposure, tonal adjustments, etc.)
     • Cropping and spot removal
     • Applying graduated and radial filters
     • Making horizontal, vertical and perspective corrections
     • Exporting photos
Note: Students must bring a laptop computer loaded with Lightroom Classic CC (i.e., NOT Lightroom CC) to every class session.
About the Instructor
Dave’s lifelong love of nature sparked his passion for photography, and he is grateful to be a full-time photographic artist and teacher.  In his classes and workshops, Dave emphasizes the craftsmanship of photography, the artistic principles of design and composition, and the students’ personal creative process.  In his own photography, Dave strives to create images that express the wonder and beauty that surround us each day as we make our way through the world.  By doing so, he hopes to inspire others to deepen their connection with nature and more fully appreciate their local environment.​​​​​​​
Thank you!