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We are pleased to welcome Laurent Chevalier to the Princeton Photography Club! 
Laurent's presentation — entitled "Observational Artistry" — will take us through some of his background providing his foundation in photography, as well as the processes and projects that resulted in his monograph "Enough" published by the Kris Graves Projects.
Living and working in New York City, Laurent Chevalier utilizes photography to shift the frameworks of representative imagery. Using processes and media from the past, Laurent archives for the future while simultaneously engaging contemporary social issues and promoting social justice.
Not solely a documentary nor conceptual photographer -- Laurent Chevalier rather navigates the space that borders these genres. His practice is a synthesis of the known and unknown, considering the tension around the meaning of photographic expression.
Chevalier's images seek to dialogue through past, present and future, while continuously contributing new perspectives of Black America and the African Diaspora into the canon.
Laurent Chevalier’s work has been collected by the Schomburg Library, Metropolitan Museum Of Art’s Watson Library, Museum Of Modern Art Library, Guggenheim Library, Texas State University Library, and the Green Library at Stanford University. He is an inaugural member of the Black Photographer collective See In Black, and the author of Enough, his artist monograph published through Kris Graves Projects. He has exhibited across the country, and his work has appeared with Vogue, Fast Company, and Huffington Post among others.