Sara Ascalon to Speak at our December 11th Monthly Meeting
We are pleased to welcome Sara Ascalon to the Princeton Photography Club!  Sara is a former creative marketer and New Yorker who became a statistic in the economic downturn of 2008.  With the loss of her career came a loss of purpose and identity and a relocation to South Jersey.  She picked up photography as a pastime and found that it quickly became an obsession.  Photography became her redemption during the rebuilding.  It gave her a creative outlet and opened up new social and professional opportunities.  A few short years later and she is now a photography and post-processing educator, frequent exhibitor, the recipient of numerous local, national and international awards, former President, and current Vice-President of the South Jersey Camera Club.
A few words from Sara...
Creativity: A Conversation with Yourself
Humans are innately creative creatures.  For many, that creativity is freely expressed. For others, that expression is shackled by repression.  Learn how to tap into the creative energy within you and experience the joy of letting go and sharing your vision with others.
“What is it like being inside that head of yours?”  I’ve always had a slightly off-beat way of looking at the world and have been asked that question many times over.  But how do you respond to something like that?  After decades of searching, I found my answer in photography.
Photography allows me to reproduce my vision in a shareable, accessible form.  Whether it’s the things I see with my eyes or my mind, I can capture a moment, a view, or a flight of fancy and relive it with those who honor me by coming along for the ride.  From the things you see everyday and tend to overlook, to the absolutely extraordinary, it’s a strange and wonderful world.
I seek to share that wonder – real and imagined – in my images and inspire and embolden my students to unleash their own creativity and do the same.