Please note that all our meetings will be conducted via video conferencing until further notice.
Guy Tal to Speak at our September 9th Meeting
We are pleased to welcome Guy Tal to the Princeton Photography Club!
From Guy’s website…
“I am a professional artist, author, photographer, and educator. I believe that the practice of creative pursuits manifests not only in the making of art, but also has the ability to transform and enrich life, facilitate meaningful and rewarding experiences, and foster contentment and satisfaction through lifelong discovery and learning.”
“I do not consider myself a photographer who creates art, but rather an artist working in the medium of photography.“
“In photography I strive to create images that speak to wildness — the quality of being attuned to, and inspired by, the wild. I consider my work to be expressive art, in the sense that its primary purpose is to offer visual metaphors for thoughts and feelings, rather than to document appearances.”
Guy has agreed to create a customized presentation for PPC based on our written questions submitted to him in advance.  He will also take questions during the presentation, of course.  
Promises to be great fun!